PyCharm, RubyMine and IDEA linux desktop entries

UPDATED: Automatic agent add script.

I'm starting to like both PyCharm and RubyMine, two IDEs from IntelliJ, along with IDEA

I had some problems while they were both running on Linux using a dock - I like docky - since they're both Java apps and they got "merged" in a single icon, but then I found a solution - pull the agent into bin folder and just edit, and this way, around the end of the file:

If you're lazy, or you're just tired of readding the agent every time your IDE gets updated, just download the agent and the adder script for IDEA, PyCharm or RubyMine to your bin directory and re-execute it every time your ide gets updated.

I was just missing a desktop file entry so they could show up in my menu; IntelliJ currently distributes their ides as .tar.gz archives, no .deb, no .rpm, so I just packed up two small entries and added them to ~/.local/share/applications:

Replace the PATH_TO_... and enjoy!

As a bonus, by just installing "wmctrl" you can easily setting global shortcuts for moving pycharm & rubymine IDEs on the current screen and putting them in the foreground:

wmctrl -x -R PyCharm
wmctrl -x -R RubyMine
          wmctrl -x -R IDEA

 In GNOME you can assign such commands as a global shortcuts via System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts.