Public speaking

Here you can find some links to my presentation stuff, slides, and some videos, both in Italian end English languages.

Delivery isn't magic anymore: distribuisci le tue applicazioni (it)

Florence, April 2016 @ Pycon Italy.

Full RPM and DEB packaging practices, tools and multi-distribution testing via Docker and FPM. The slides can be picked up on Pycon Italy's own website at the link above, or at this link. The video is available here. Example projects from the presentation are hosted at and

Python Good Practices (en)

Florence, July 2013 @ Europython.

Python is quite a powerful language; sometimes, it’s a too much powerful language. Do you know how
to tame it without getting caught in its perils and gotchas? Quite a lot of scaffolding and DOs/DONTs
can be seen in this talk.

Quanto conosci il tuo debito tecnico? v2.0 (it)

Florence, April 2013 @ Develer workshop

A new version of my Technical Debt talk, with more focus on technical debt sources. Pick the slides here

Continuous Delivery in un baleno (it)

Milan, November 2012 @ Italian Agile Day

A 10 minutes introduction to the setup of a continuous integration + continuous delivery server. Pick
the slides here

Quanto conosci il tuo debito tecnico? (it)

Florence, September 2012 @ Better software

A revisited version of my Technical Debt talk. Pick the slides here.

Language alone won't pay your bills (en)

Florence, July 2012 @ Europython

Each platform is got its own tradeoffs. Python is a great language, what about the whole platform? How
do Python tools, IDEs, deployment work together?

Capire e gestire il debito tecnico (it)

Rome, November 2011 @ Italian Agile Day

Do your once-looking-good projects crumble after some amount of time? Do you spend
more and more resources on just maintaining something working rather
than improving it? Technical debt may be the root cause of all your
issues, even though you may not know it - but you can handle it.

Dependency Injection is your friend (it)

Florence, June 2011 @ Europython

There I introduce Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control themes to python developers.
It's highly recommended if you think DI just means bloat!

Twisted for Dummies (it)

Florence, May 2010 @ Pycon Quattro

It's a rather large introduction to the many concepts underlying the Twisted network
programming framework. I think it was too an ambitious talk and I don't recommend
watching it if you want to get introduced to Twisted - check out

Perspective Broker: Real Programming Comfort

Florence, May 2009 @ Pycon Tre

It's an introduction to the great RPC/Object broker offered by the Twisted

Introduzione alla programmazione asincrona

Trieste, October 2008 @ Linux Day

Some example of async programming using Python and Twisted. No link available
at this time.