About me

I’m an enthusiastic software and technology expert with a soft spot for agile and lean principles; I strive to keep the technical aspects aligned to actual business concerns: my aim is to solve problems in a clean fashion, delivering an high value to my customer, looking for all stakeholders’ feedback, and to analyze the context in order to find the most appropriate answer. I can handle the full software development lifecycle, beginning from gathering ideas, to validation, to implementation, delivery, and maintenance. I strongly believe in teamwork and I focus on creating and evolving a strong team. I think automation, training and purpose are cornerstones for my profession.

My specialties are:

  • Sustainable Workplace: product development is like an endurance sport. High and predictable throughput is achieved through careful and yet realistic planning and control.

  • Tame the business: I can be the technical eye for non-technical stakeholders; I can investigate as deeply as possible the customer or stakeholder needs, infer a desired business outcome, and then put forward technically viable yet effective solution proposals. I can produce intelligible and measurable versions of technical mumbo-jumbo and let the stakeholders exercise their skills to pick the best value.

  • Empower people: I like to work in well-motivated and highly trained teams, and I'm usually good at making teams gel and genuinely enjoy their days. I strive to give people vision and purpose about what their work is about.

  • Cybersecurity: I've been interested in cybersecurity for a while, and software security engineering is a core skill of mine. I can both teach security principles and write secure and reliable software.

  • Pointing out problems you didn't know you had: it's too easy to solve what you already know it's not working. What about things you didn't know they aren't working, or things that "have always worked that way"?