docker-rpm-builder Fast native RPM building

Building an RPM can be slow and messy. Especially if you're not on an RPM-based host distribution. docker-rpm-builder leverages docker for easy RPM building.

fpm-within-docker RPM and DEB building with docker+fpm

A rather different take on package build from the above, fpm-within-docker combines the great fpm by Jordan Sissel with the almighty docker to let the user build packages for different platforms (currently DEB and RPM are supported on a selection of RHEL/Centos, Fedora, Debian and Ubuntu distributions) with ease and good reproducibility.

killmesoftly Kill processes The Right Way

A collection of shell scripts that help killing process in a soft and reliable fashion.

dorkbox Dead simple personal file sharing. Daemonless, git-based, open source.

Currently under development. A simple file sharing solution, especially useful for remote, gui-less machines. Leverages git.

Atom Text Editor Mirror YUM/APT repository for Linux packages of Atom

A mirror of official releases of the Atom Text Editor for Debian, Ubuntu, and Redhat Linux systems.

jquickrepo Minimalistic disk-based persistence for Java

Whenever you need persistency but a full-fledged DBMS/KV Store/(put anything in there) is an overkill, chances are that a save-and-retrieve-from-disk solution must be created on the fly every time. This project offers such very basic yet reusable piece of functionality.

extrarange ruby ranges on steroids

Enhanced Ruby ranges that support operations on sparse ranges. They try to act as normal ruby ranges as much as possible, yet they greatly enhance the power of the language.

pydenji Python(ic) Dependency Injection Toolkit

Dependency Injection the python(ic) way. If you though that could be achieved by large and cumbersome xml-based frameworks only, take a peek at this!

Retired projects

Those had a life and a meaning sometime in the past, but I don't plan to support them anymore.

ducktypes Does it quack like a duck?

Duck typing is fun. If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck. Ducktypes lets you tell whether it swims, quacks and looks like a duck. Python library.

annopyte Annotations for Python

PEP-3107 function annotations are a nice way to add metadata to Python; such metadata is available on Python 3.x and on functions only. This toolkit backports such functionality to Python 2.x and extends it to allow annotations on any object.

hgskipcommit skip committing some files

Extension for the mercurial distributed version control system that allows the user to skip the commit of tracked files, especially to prevent IDEs or externals tools from accidentally polluting a project's history via unintended changes.