Apple and OpenJDK: was I wrong?

Apple has announced it will contribute to the OpenJDK project, so there's probably no risk that MacOS-specific pieces of the current JDK will be lost. Probably the next, Oracle-backed JDK will be just fine on Mac and will probably be released on time.

There're two things I don't understand:

  •  why such a bad timing? Apple could have deprecated his Java and announced OpenJDK participation at the same time - and that would have been good news. I don't understand if Apple had already chosen to contribute to OpenJDK or it had been pushed in that direction once it saw what happened in the dev community after their deprecation.
  • It's still not clear why I can't use Java in a software I'd like to distribute within the Mac App Store. If it's Oracle backed it's not a "deprecated technology" anymore, right? The language restriction was lifted even in iOS apps, why should it come back on Mac apps?